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Bentonville Man Found Not Guilty on Rape Charges

Law firm partner and criminal defense attorney Kristin Pawlik successfully defended a Bentonville, Arkansas man accused of raping his former girlfriend. A jury of eight men and four women acquitted our client of the rape charges which had possible sentences ranging from ten to forty years, or life in prison.

The accuser in this case was a former girlfriend of our client’s who had a long standing relationship ranging back more than three years. The prosecution alleged that our client had entered her home and forcibly raped her. When put on the stand to testify in his own defense, our client repeatedly denied the allegations stating that not only did he not rape her, but that he never even attempted to have sex with her.

The defense team was also able to point out a number of inconsistencies in the woman’s story including changing her testimony regarding communications with our client after the alleged crime and not reporting the rape until almost a week after it allegedly took place. Using the client’s phone records and those of the accuser, Pawlik was able to demonstrate to the jury that it was impossible for the accuser’s story to be true.

After brief deliberations the jury returned a verdict of not guilty in favor of our client. After the verdict was entered Pawlik said “[My client] is grateful this part of his life is over…he’s been waiting a year and a half to clear his name of these charges”.  Our client has returned to his profession as a paramedic and is grateful for the many friends and family members who supported him through the trial.

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